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Company TBM Stroy™ performs work for capital construction, reconstruction and repair any complexity objects.

The company's specialists are ready to make a full range of construction works, ranging from the foundations preparation to landscaping. Our company performs full range of construction works, as well as its individual parts.

We perform the following types of construction works:

- Earthworks: pits development, trenching for communications, fertile layer removal and vertical layout, stripping the quarries, soil delivery and disposal, laying the ground, soil compaction, raising the ground level and others.

- Solid construction: preparation and binding reinforcement, arrangement and installation of formwork, concrete transportation, concrete laying and compaction, curing during concrete hardening, formwork dismantling, geodetic control for concrete works, defects removal after the dismantling of formwork structures.

- Metalware mounting: the implementation of a basic range of construction and installation work for industrial buildings and structures: steel structures fabrication and installation, installation of complex steel structures, installation of prefabricated buildings, modular buildings, structures and other fast-metal products.

- Industrial flooring: manufacturing of industrial solid concrete floors with hardened surface layer, special polymer floors, floor covering for clean room in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and others.

- Roof installation: the installation of flat and sloping roofs of all kinds of structures with different types of waterproofing: monolithic, modular, PVC-membranes, made from roll of bitumen-polymer materials and from bulk materials.

- Networks: laying of sewerage systems, installation of hot and cold water system.

Construction and reconstruction of objects - it is a huge responsibility that we place on ourselves for the sake of ensuring high quality and speed of your property commissioning.



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