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Special construction works

These types of work performed by the company TBM Stroy™ include work of reinforced concrete structures diamond cutting, concrete diamond drilling, concrete demolition, demolition and dismantling of heavy and complex building structures, crushing of oversized objects in metallurgy, steel industry and quarries.

Company TBM Story™ provides services:

  • diamond cutting of concrete , reinforced concrete, brick by diamond blades and diamond wire. All work performed by a professional diamond equipment;
  • diamond drilling and drilling holes in the construction, renovation, decoration, dismantling of buildings and structures;
  • Fractum hammer crushing oversized cast-iron waste, concrete foundations and arrays, oversized scrap iron, bridge bearings, iron and steel industry waste and other solid and bulky objects;
  • overburden operations in quarries and locations of mineral development.


Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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